Our Brand

W’at Abowt Us is more than an award-winning documentary. It is a brand, a collection, a journey and a new beginning.

We created these unique accessories with the idea of journeying through the darkness and into the light. Our collection will give you the feelings of a fresh start and a new way of looking at life and at the same time nurturing the planet and contributing to a sustainable future.


Our Mission:

As a majority black-owned business. WAU Collection will lend its support to women by encouraging them to pursue entrepreneurship and make an impact in their communities.

Our Vision:

We fully intend to support women escaping any form of violence, by providing support through education and awareness.


Shelley Jarrett is multiple award-winning entrepreneur and the creator of WAU collection.

We are proud to offer a selection of carefully sourced products and accessories produced locally and available globally. Each item is well made, affordable and economically priced.


“In keeping with my goal of raising awareness and education, it is vital that we continue to push for changes to gender based violence, systemic racism and varies women’s’ issues. I feel it’s all our responsibility to continue to raise our voices and demand societal change.”  Shelley Jarrett